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HARU*E Vitamin Shower Filter – Lovely Freesia

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Purifies bath water from impurities and sediments like rust, dirt and chlorine.

Contains several vitamins that nourish the skin and hair. Helps get rid of skin sensitivity and hair loss problems

Gives you a spa feeling and a refreshing scent

Using Vitamin C as de-chlorinating agent is 100% pharmaceutical food grade

Helps to improve the condition of skin and texture of hair

Totally neutralizes chlorine which results hair loss. Simple design to see the filter working through transparent housing and easy to know when you have to change the filter

Easy to install with both mounted and hand-held shower head designs. Replaceable cartridge filter life of up to 7200 liters(4-member family standard,Use 45 to 60 days) Easy to replace the filter

Ingredient : Vitamin C, Snail Slime, Milk Powder, Natural Glycerin, Trehalos, Cactus Oil, Teatree Extract and the Best Quality Aroma

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HARU*E Vitamin Shower Filter – Aroma Therapy, Chlorine Removal, Skin Nourishment and Moisturization | Made in Korea (Lovely Freesia)

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HARU*E Vitamin Shower Filters are infused with vitamins, nutrients, and a soft aromatic scent to cleanse the body and mind.

✅ Aromatherapy

👉 Signature blends of aromatherapy designed to create the most relaxing showers ever. The aroma added to the filter is unique to HARU*E and has been studied for maximum relaxation.

✅ Trehalose

👉 Trehalose (plant sugar) from Cactus protects the cell membranes and skin’s moisture from drying out.

 Vitamin C

👉 Vitamin C neutralizes residual chlorine in the tap water Vitamin C antioxidant increases elasticity of skin and reduces aging, blemishes, freckles.

✅ Cactus Oil

👉 Cactus oil is extremely moisturizing and contains antioxidant Vitamin E which is known to protect skin cells from damage over time, as well as soothe eczema, sunburn and psoriasis. It absorbs quickly into skin and helps strengthen skin tissue.

✅ Milk Powder

👉 Milk powder lightly removes dead skin cells without pulling the skin

✅ Snail Slime

👉 Snail slime helps rejuvenate skin damaged by UV, wrinkles, acne spots and stretch marks


 Tea Tree Extract

👉 When used topically, tea tree oil can treat certain skin conditions or improve the overall appearance of your skin.

✅ Sediment Filter

👉 Sediment filter removes suspended particles such as sand, silt, clay and other organic particles that cause the water to become cloudy. It is like a sieving device that separates and retains the particles that are too large to pass through the filter.

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HARU*E Vitamin Shower Filter - Lovely Freesia